Crying HA-U 2437

When a person has achieved success and acceptance in a field of endeavour, it is customary to say that he or she has ‘arrived.” I feel sure that you are already aware of this tidbit of information, but as my next remarks hinge on the expression, you will please forgive my mentioning it. One must get started some way you know.

A few months ago, when I wrote the notes for Roy’s first album, he was “on the way.” in fact he was far enough along the road that the evil trolls, Mediocrity and Obscurity, had completely given him up and the Fates had flashed Dame Fortune a telepathic message (Oy-rayza ummingkay) which when translated means “Roy’s is coming.” The good Dame, who is a Clairvoyant of the first magnitude, besides being a gifted student of pig Latin, immediately understood. She ordered her loyal handmaidens, Hope and Expectation, to add another place setting at the banquet table of the Favoured Few and to whip up a little ambrosia.

Now at that point, the shish kabob had not yet been skewered, but the onions were sliced and the charcoal was lit, which is to say that al— though Roy had not yet actually arrived, he was most certainly expected.

Needless to point out, had Roy chickened out on this perilous journey to the feast, many would have been bitterly disappointed, including the Fates, the Fans, the Fortune Dame and of course Fred Foster, owner of Monument Records.

But as you must know by now, no such catastrophe occurred. Roy made it. Roy HAS ARRIVED and the party is going on now—inside this cover. Shall we join him?

Boudleaux Bryant