JE-101 A

Trying To Get To You/Ooby Dooby. Single. Je-Wel 101

Trying To Get To You/Ooby Dooby (78 rpm). Single. Je-Wel 101 1956-05-01
242 A

Ooby Dooby/Go Go Go. Single. Sun 242

Concert Odessa’s 70th Anniversary Street Dance 1956-05-19
Concert at Mosque, Richmond, VA

Mosque, Richmond, VA
Concert at Power Theatre, Atlanta, GA

Power Theatre, Atlanta, GA
Concert at Coliseum, Montgomery, AL

Coliseum, Montgomery, AL
Concert at City Auditorium, Birmingham, AL

City Auditorium, Birmingham, AL
Concert at Robinson Memorial Auditorium, Little Rock, AR

Robinson Memorial Auditorium, Little Rock, AR
Concert at Overton Park Shell, Memphis with Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash, Warren Smith and Edie Bond

Overton Park Shell, Memphis
Concert at Fairgrounds, Tupelo, MISS

Tupelo, MISS
Concert at Catholic Club Auditorium, Helena, AR 1956-06-04
Concert at High School Auditorium, Greenville, MISS 1956-06-05
Concert at Ball Park, El Dorado, AR 1956-06-06
Concert at Reo Palm Isle Club, Longview, TX 1956-06-07
Concert at Gladewater or Tyler, TX 1956-06-08
Concert at Big D Jamboree, Ozark Jubilee or Louisiana Hayride 1956-06-09
Concert at Riverview Drive In, unknown State 1956-06-24
Concert at Louisiana Hayride 1956-06-26
Concert at Malco Theatre, Memphis with Warren Smith 1956-06-27
Headliners at the Big D Jamboree in Dallas, Texas with Sonny James 1956-06-30
Teen Kings join Johnny Cash and the Tennessee Two to a tour on Florida 1956-07-
Canada tour 1956-07-
2 weeks tour in Tennessee, Arkansas and Mississippi with Warren Smith 1956-07-
2 shows on Beaumont, Texas 1956-07-01
Concert at Memphis, Tennessee 1956-07-02
Grenada, MISS 1956-07-25
Texas tour and Florida 1956-08-
2 weeks tour in Tennessee, Arkansas and Mississippi with Warren Smith 1956-08-
Rock and Roll Show – El Paso Coliseum with Cash, Johnny Horton and Eddie Bond 1956-08-12
251 A

Rock House/You’re My Baby. Single. Sun 251

1956-09 -24
Concert at Greenville, MISS High School with Warren Smith, Charlie Feathers and Sonny Burgess 1956-09-01
Ooby Dooby/Go Go Go (78 rpm). Single. Sun 242 1956-09-24
Concert at Elks Lodge Hall, unknown State 1956-10-20